Meet the Teachers!

We have a nine person teaching staff, including full and part time teachers. The full time teachers work Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. They teach classes from 9am to 3pm and generally use the time from 3pm to 4pm for lesson planning, grading, and other classroom preparations.

Bhabita has been teaching at SSH since February 2014. She is our premier Hindi language teacher, instructing Hindi at all class levels; she also teaches math and social science to the class 1 girls along with some general knowledge, value education, and geography. When she’s not teaching, Bhabita enjoys taking weekend trips with her husband and daughter. Her favorite color is sky blue.

Gayatri has been an educator at SSH since February 2015. She teaches math and science at most of our class levels as well as Assamese language to our class 4 girls. Her favorite color is maroon, though violet takes a close second.

Annye has been shaping young minds at SSH since July 2014. She primarily teaches English and social science along with some general knowledge and value education. Her favorite colors are red and black.

Leanino (who goes by Lea or Anino) is the newest addition to our full-time teaching staff, joining SSH in July 2015. Anino is our premier English teacher, instructing both conversation and grammatical English classes at every level. When she’s not teaching, Lea likes to surf the internet and write creative articles. Her favorite color is a light, summery turquoise.

Nandita has been a part-time teacher at SSH since June 2013. She teaches Assamese and social science at most of our class levels. When she’s not teaching, Nandita enjoys traipsing through Europe with her son. Her favorite colors are buttery cream and green.

Anjali has been a part-time teacher at SSH since August 2014. She teaches math and science along with some general knowledge and value education. Anjali loves to cook when she’s not at work. It's hard for her to pick a favorite, but she enjoys all light colors.

Ritumoni is a part-time teaching assistant that has been with SSH since January 2014. She assists with subjects taught to the class 1 girls, tutoring girls that need extra attention, and she is our head tailoring instructor. Outside of work, she enjoys working on sewing projects and spending time with her husband and two children. She loves all cool colors, though green tops her list.

Anima is our part-time art teacher, instructing art classes twice a week since August 2014.

Samuel is our part-time music teacher, instructing guitar and violin classes twice a week since January 2015.