Listen Close!

We’ve talked before about how important music is to our girls, but we thought you would enjoy actually listening to them sing. So this week we’ll be sharing four recordings of our girls singing four different songs in three different languages!

First we’ll share part of our morning assembly. Every weekday, right before school begins, the girls stand in three nearly-straight lines and they sing. One of the songs they sing is “Mur Apunor Dekh” (or, My Loving Motherland) about the state of Assam and it is sung in Assamese, which is many of our girls’ first language.

Next is from the first class of the day: spoken English. The senior group usually plays word games and reads stories while the junior class focuses mostly on songs and basic phrases like “Good morning!” and “How are you?”, but here we have a teacher leading the junior girls in an early attempt at an American classic: Bingo!

And the senior class leading themselves in “Baby Bumblebee,” which has taught them a lot about interjections.

Lastly, we give you the Indian National Anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” which the girls sang as part of our Independence Day celebrations on August 15. They listened to Nehru’s speech and then stood to sing in Hindi with pride.

We hope you enjoy these sweet voices that fill our home every day!

Some of the girls decided to salute the (wind-blown) Indian flag while singing the national anthem.